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    Experience Summit Adventure

    We’re located in Bass Lake, California, but also operate in many states in the US and in other countries. Our focus is providing custom programming using service, adventure and experiential education as tools to strengthen relationships with God and others.

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  • Ecuador Service and Mountaineering

    Ecuador Service and Mountaineering

    The Ecuador Service and Mountaineering Course is designed for participants who want to challenge themselves in the mountains and in their hearts. The course combines high-altitude mountaineering and service projects in a rich cross-cultural setting. Based in the city of Quito (9,200 ft), this adventure immerses you in the rich beauty of Ecuadorian culture and the Andes. January 3-11, 2015 View Course

  • Joshua Tree Climbing and Los Angeles Service Custom Course

    Joshua Tree Climbing and LA Service

    Experience rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park and service on Skid Row in Los Angeles on a custom course!

    Winter & Spring 2015: View Course

  • Israel Service & Trekking

    Holy Land Service & Trekking

    Summit Adventure is gearing up for another extraordinary journey to the Holy Land. If you’ve always wanted to see first-hand the places where Jesus ministered, then this is one trip you can’t pass up.

    Experience Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth, as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus along the west side of the Sea of Galilee. View trip page for more details, highlights and photos.

    Trip Date: May 16-24, 2015   View Course

  • Adventures in Fatherhood

    Adventures in Fatherhood

    This is a classic Summit Adventure course and one we look forward to year after year. This course is designed for fathers and their son or daughter to recognize the importance and value of their relationship. Break free of your busy schedule for the opportunity to create lasting memories through challenge, adventure, conversation and prayer. You won’t regret it!

    Trip Date: July 22-26, 2015   View Course

  • Wilderness Instructor

    Wilderness Instructor

    If you’re interested in working with Summit Adventure or pursuing a career as an outdoor professional, then join us on our annual 12-day Wilderness Instructor Course. Check out the trip page for more details, highlights and photos.

    Trip Date: June 1-12, 2015    View Course

Welcome to Summit Adventure – A Christian Outdoor Ministry

At Summit Adventure, we use experiential education, adventure programming, service and cross-cultural immersion as tools to move individuals and groups out of their comfort zones into more reliance on God and each other. Since 1973, Summit Adventure has been leading the way as the premier Outdoor Ministry program. Participants throughout the years have told us that their experiences have been truly transformational, whether domestically in Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Death Valley or internationally in Ecuador, Mexico and Israel. Summit Adventure works with a wide range of groups, including youth (age 12+), college students, parents, adults and individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Although every course is different, typical course components include backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rappelling, orienteering, trekking, cultural immersion and service.

Summit Adventure offers courses that range from half-day onsite team-building experiences to a 7-day Adventure Leadership course or our 16-week Immersion Service and Adventure Semester (ISAS) program for college students. We take pride in customizing every course we offer. For more information about our ongoing Classic Courses or to explore the option of a custom course, please contact us at 559-642-3899.

Custom Experiences

Custom Experiences

College Semester

College Semester

Classic Courses

Classic Courses

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Patagonia South America – Trek & Serve

Patagonia is truly one of the world’s last wild places. It’s name alone conjures up images of towering craggy peaks, pristine blue lakes, and wind swept ice fields. Yet this rugged land at the tip of South America is actually quite accessible for the modern adventurer.

Holy Land Service & Trekking

This course combines service and trekking through Israel and Palestine. Participants will spend time in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth and then trek for four days from Nazareth to the Mount of the Beatitudes along the Jesus Trail™. You will carry only a daypack as your gear is transferred to each night’s accommodations. A variety of camping and lodging options make this course a great option for families.

Wilderness Instructor

The Wilderness Instructor Course is designed to prepare outdoor leaders to lead expeditions in technical and non-technical terrain. Used to train Summit Adventure instructors, this course is also open to individuals seeking professional development to transfer to other programs.

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