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Adventures in Fatherhood

Adventures in Fatherhood

The Adventure of Strengthening your Father/Child Relationship

In today’s busy world, it is easy for schedules and plans to interfere with a family’s values and priorities. The Adventures in Fatherhood course is designed to allow fathers and their children to recognize the value of their relationship with each other. This is an opportunity for you and your son or daughter to set the cell phone and computer down and focus on your relationship with each other and with God. The Adventures in Fatherhood course offers fathers and their son or daughter a balance of adventure elements and times of rest and relaxation. This combination ensures your chance of creating lasting memories through moments of both adventure and dialogue. During your course, your Summit Adventure instructors will offer you and your child practical tools and strategies. One of our goals is to help bridge the generational gap that can occur between a parent and child. We will also focus on developing more open communication in your relationship. Finally, Summit Adventure will create an open venue for you and your child to discuss everything from your favorite baseball teams to intimate details regarding faith and spirituality.

Course Elements

  • Develop practical and attainable goals for your relationship with your son or daughter during and after the Adventures in Fatherhood course
  • Create memorable experiences through challenge, adventure and prayer
  • Offer intentionally-led discussions on difficult issues that parents and children face today

Day 1: Arrive in Bass Lake

You will arrive in Bass Lake where your instructors and other group members will meet you. The morning will entail checking gear and packing up for the days ahead. After a hearty lunch, you will drive to the trailhead where you will hike into your first camp.

Day 2: Hiking, Swimming & Climbing

Each day typically starts with a devotional time we call “Focus.” The first day in the wilderness may include hiking to an alpine lake and rock climbing.

Day 3: Hiking & Duo

This day may include a peak attempt of one of the nearby peaks. It typically will conclude with a time we call “duo.” Duo is an intentional time spent with your father or child. For many pairs, this is the highlight of the trip.

Day 4: Rappel & the Blessing

This day will typically involve a rappel off an impressive granite dome. The kids may take over with dinner preparations while the dads prepare the blessing, our term for a special message, for their child.

Day 5: Return to Civilization

After your last Focus time and breakfast in the wilderness, your group will pack up and hike out. You will return to Bass Lake to de-issue gear and enjoy another lunch together before departing.