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ISAS Spring 2012 – Update #3 Notes from Field & Classroom

ISAS Spring 2012 – Update #3 Notes from Field & Classroom

Oh what a trio!

It’s hard to believe the semester has finished and the students are now in their respective homes awaiting summer jobs and such. After Ecuador things did not slow down a bit! Right out of Spring Break the students hit the books in order to finish up assignments and discussions of topics yet to be covered. Papers were written, supposedly over 70 pages per person over the course of the semester!

The picture above is from our 2 week expedition in Death Valley National Park. April was creeping in on us and the snow hadn’t melted much, so we decided to head south and explore a different ecological environment. We found ourselves searching for springs and cottonwood trees, while dodging scorpions and wild horses.

The students excelled to say the least. Communication was flowing and relationships were becoming even more meaningful. Walks from base to peruse the Pines Market, late night $1 bowling in Oakhurst, and watching movies squeezed on a couch in front of a tiny TV were just a few activities that filled the students’ free time in April.

Almost weekly, we have “Family Night” at a staff member’s home during the ISAS semester. Our final family night was at the Smith’s home. After dinner together we set aside time for the students to share about their time with us in ISAS and we prayed for them before they made their journeys homeward. Hearing Katy express appreciation for the support of our community, followed by David thanking Derek for being a brother to him, and Derek excitedly talking about possible continued connection with Summit Adventure in the future was the perfect close to a semester of growth.

Thank you, readers, for your continued support and prayer – please pray for the students and staff as we transition out of the semester and into the next season of life.