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Whitney Classic Fundraiser → Sept. 27-28, 2014

The Whitney Classic is an endurance bicycling fundraiser for Summit Adventure. The funds raised in this annual event further the ministry of Summit Adventure. Over half of Summit Adventure’s annual budget is raised through donations. Summit Adventure is a non-profit Christian wilderness organization that uses adventure programming as a tool to challenge people of all ages and backgrounds to a spiritual, physical, emotional and relational adventure. Funds raised will go toward Summit Adventure’s general fund, which includes programs for youth, families, schools, churches and individuals with disabilities.
This 135-mile bicycle fundraiser ride starts at Badwater, Death Valley (-282 feet), which is the lowest point in the continental United States and ends 135 miles away at the Portal to Mt.Whitney, which is the highest mountain in the continental United States. The ride starts at 3:00 PM on Saturday and ends at noon the following day. This is not an easy event, since the ride goes over two 5,000-foot passes and ends at an elevation of 8,365 feet for a total vertical gain of 15,300 feet! The goal is to cover the distance in 21 hours or less. Each rider is required to raise a minimum of $700 in pledges, which goes toward Summit Adventure’s annual budget. Fundraising incentive prizes, including bicycle components, gift cards, apparel and other gear, are awarded at the evening closing event.

Rider Options

There are quite a few rider options to choose from; take a look below. Also, start planning now to arrange a support and gear (SAG) vehicle and driver for the ride. Note: a SAG vehicle is required for each rider or team participating in the Whitney Classic.

The Classic - 135 miles

This is a hardcore endurance event. The ride begins at 3:00 PM on Saturday at Badwater in Death Valley (-282 ft.), climbs two 5,000 ft. passes and continues through the night ending at the Mt. Whitney Portal (8365 ft). Riders encounter extreme heat (105-117 degrees in Death Valley), cold (possible 20s to low 30s on passes and at the Mt. Whitney Portal), potential high winds and/or sandstorms and three long climbs—17 miles, 12 miles, and 12 miles—for a total elevation gain of 15,300 feet. Riding through the night adds extra challenge to this 135-mile event.

There are 11 rest-stop/checkpoints on the route; four of these are near stores or restaurants. Food, water and ice for the riders are provided at each stop. Riders are required to provide their own SAG vehicle. Come prepared to handle your own minor repairs. (Bring a tool kit.)

Two of Three - 79 miles

Start with the Classic riders at 3:00 PM and ride from Badwater to Furnace Creek (17.5 miles). From there, proceed to Panamint Springs for a 7:00 PM start, and ride another 62 miles to the Mt. Whitney Portal (approx. 10,000 ft. elevation gain).

One of Three - 67 miles

Start with the Classic riders at 3:00 PM and ride from Badwater to Furnace Creek (17.5 miles). From there jump to Darwin Turnoff for a 7:00 PM start, and ride the last 45 miles of the Classic route (approx. 5,000 ft. elevation gain).

The Sampler

Start with the Classic riders at 3:00 PM and ride from Badwater to Furnace Creek (17.5 miles). From there, drive to the top of Towne Pass and then enjoy the ride down to Panamint Springs. Next, hop in the car and drive to Darwin turnoff; then, ride to Lone Pine. Finally, drive to Checkpoint 11 (Switchbacks) and finish the climb. Don’t forget to check in at all the SAG stops along the way so we can track your progress.


Teams of 2 or more riders may participate in this challenging ride. Teams may ride together or in a relay. Each rider must raise the minimum pledge of $700.

Thank You to All Sponsors and Volunteers

You know who you are. It would be far from possible without you. Thank you so much for your generous donations to the mission of Summit Adventure.

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Wheat Ridge CycleryPizza FactoryComfort Inn

Whitney Classic Bike Route
Well, who won? It’s a natural question for most of us. There are teams—it’s an athletic event—we’ve seen the Tour de France on television—but we assure you, it’s a ride… not a race. Snickers abound whenever someone mistakenly says “race” rather than “ride,” but really, we’re not keeping track (most of us). So if you want to know who “won,” check out the times and recaps below. But, if you ask most of us, when generous funds are raised towards fathers and their kids growing closer, towards developing communities in Ecuador, towards people growing closer to God, most of us would say that the biggest winners weren’t even at the Whitney Classic—they are spread around the world. So here’s to the winners of the race…er…I mean ride.